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Among the greatest things we know is to help. Perhaps you are hosting an education but are in need of facilities or you have the compe-tence but not the activities. At Dalslands Aktiviteter everyone is welcome! We see our facility as one big toolbox just waiting to be put to use. In addition, we of course have several educations of our own that ranges from one day to one week. Below you will find some of our certification courses as well as our hunt course which is tailored for the foreign market. We also provide a 3-day survival course that covers fundamental principles for surviving in the wilderness by use of very simple means.


Consultant & Leader

This course is intended for consultants, group leaders and business leaders.

The course spans one day with meals included. The basis is UGL (Development of Group and Leader) and after the course you will have both practical and theoretical knowledge to supervise groups on our team-building activities.

Price: 5 995 SEK excl. VAT Vat
Contact us for the date of the next training session. Minimum number of participants is 5 persons.



This course is mainly intended for foreign guests who would like to participate in supervised hunting in Sweden.

We offer 3 packed days with different sessions e.g. species identification and ecology, ethics and moral, Swedish hunting law, safe weapon handling, procurement of game and practical shooting exercises.

The foundation of the course is the Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management’s education and the course is lead by experienced hunters and instructors.

Contact us for the price and date of the next training session.



For those who want to learn to live in, and with nature.

Survival instincts have been the foundation of human development since the beginning of time. Our ability to craft tools, work in teams and find food has been crucial for our success.

With this basic course in survival skills we address people interested in nature who would like to learn more of how we can live of and with nature. Our course gives basic knowledge in survival skills with sessions like fire, water, accommodation, food and mental factors.

The foundation is the Swedish Survival Guild’s and Swedish Armed Forces’ educations and the course leaders are enthusiastic instructors who spend plenty of time in the wilderness.

Price: 4 595 SEK per person
Contact us for the date of the next training session. Please note that the minimum number of participants is 6 people.

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