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Here you will get an overview of our activities. As you can see, there are lots for the whole family!

Here you will get an overview of our activities. As you can see, there are lots for the whole family!

  • Alla aktiviteter
  • High-rope activities
  • Horse tours
  • Nature experiences
  • Other activities
  • Teambuilding
Alla aktiviteter
  • Alla aktiviteter
  • High-rope activities
  • Horse tours
  • Nature experiences
  • Other activities
  • Teambuilding

Knife throwing

Might feel a bit “brutal” at first but once you get the hang of the technique it’s almost addictive.

Several people are trying to solve a group development path.

Team challenge 1

Our first low-track and start-up for what would become one of our core operations, group development. Team challenge 1 has 8 independent stations where evaluation takes place after each exercise carried out.

Two children wear harness eshaves and helmets as they walk the high-altitude track for children.

High Altitude Path Children

Basically the same as High Altitude Track Adult but not quite as loud and difficult. A height of 2-4 m but still 21 different sub-elements.

Blow pipe

Perhaps not very common in Scandinavia but an established and effective weapon in the more southern parts of the world.


En rolig och annorlunda uppgift som lämpar sig lika väl till kommunikationsträning som tävlingsform i våra 5-kamper.Pris: Kontakta oss.

A man conducts a high-altitude track 18 meters above the ground.

High Altitude Path Adults

A physical challenge at high altitude. As an “obstacle course” consisting of 25 different sub-moments at 10-18 meters height, something for the adventurous!

A person has just thrown away an axe to try to hit a target.

Axe throwing

With roots in the age of Vikings, it feels like a rather “manly” challenge.

A horse pulls a sleigh dying there are several people.

Horse and carriage

Wonderful way to experience the surroundings. Choose between shorter tours or special arrangements such as Wedding.

A man goes zipline high above the trees.

Zipline Package

– Two Ziplines between 20-50 meters above the ground and together just over 900 meters long, actually among the longest in the Nordic countries!

A man shoots with a bow. Several others are watching.


You will get the opportunity to try a very old art with real recurve bows.

Aerial view of Baldersnäs manor.

Riding with gastronomic experience

In addition to the treks mentioned above you can also chose to go on a half-day trek with comfortable farmstead accommodation and luxurious dinner at the restaurant “Stenebygrytan”. Alternatively we ride to “Baldersnäs” manor or “Falkholts” Inn, both renowned for their delicious food.

A trunk, gnaved by a beaver.

Beaver Safari

he beaver is an impressive animal, an unmatched engineer that cares for its family with passion. Here you will have the opportunity to meet these animals in their natural environment. Spotting the beavers is not easy and there is no guarantee that you will, but once you do it will be well worth your while. You can either buy a map and the information material from us for your own expedition or you can rent a knowledgeable guide during morning or evening.

A gravel aisle leads up to Baldersnäs manor.

Mansion Tour

A wonderful tour that ends with luxurious accommodation, jaccuzzi, bubbling drinks and 5-course dinner. The next day we swing up in the saddle again and continue our adventure on horseback. The tour requires at least 4 riders and always goes Sun-moon or mon-Tue. ​

There is a person and fish with a throwing rod. There is fog by the lake.


It is said that Dalsland has more than 1 100 rivers. So that fishing is a natural part of life here is perhaps not so weird. The feeling when the float disappears and the rod top bends is fantastic and we want nothing more than to share with us, so please contact us for more information.

Two-persons sit on each of their horses looking out over a mountain. A lake is located below the mountain.

Grann Tour

A 2-day ride around Lake Grann that has become extremely popular.

Several people stand next to a moose that is shot.


For many who have grown up nere the forest, hunting is a natural part of life that gives incredible added value. This is something we would like to convey and share so please contact us for more information.

Close-up of a horse.

Full-day trek

During the full day trek the effective riding time will be approximately 5-6 hours and some additional time for lunch and perhaps a swim for those who wish. A wonderful trek that brings out the best of the province of Dalsland.

Three people sit on squatting and sinks gold in the river.

Gold panning

The start of our business when we made a claim 1989 and the fantastic thing is that we still find gold, all naturally in the Stenebyälven. Learn the technique that from several kilos of gravel, small grains of gold are produced in less than 1 gram. Requires patience and accuracy but the feeling when you succeed is almost indescribable!

Two people sitting on each of their horses stand on a mountain. In the background you can see a beautiful lake.

Outdoor ride – Half day

Now we are closing in on proper horseback riding. Straight out in the woods, over hills and through valleys. We have plenty of trails for trying longer galloping, but there is also time for coffee and snacks by a nice creek.

Many people row a church boat.

Church boat

Row together in our large church boats. Primarily used for larger groups.

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