Stay in a glass house. You will not get closer to nature!

72 Hour Cabin

One of the most soothing places you can imagine! The glass houses are located on their own peninsula in Lake Iväg and offer a fantastic view of the lake and surrounding forests. Enjoy peace and quiet with the knowledge that our reception is only a 10-minute walk away.

One of the most soothing places you can imagine! The Glass House is located on a hill that rises about 40 meters above the lake Iväg and offers a fantastic view of the lake and surrounding forests. Enjoy the perfect peace and tranquility with the knowledge that our reception is only a 10-minute walk away.

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“This morning when I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the lake and the tall trees and I realised that I’m truly here and it’s not a dream! I kept staring at it for a long period of time before finally dragging myself out of the comfy covers. “

Baqer Keshwani, participant in The 72 Hour Cabin

Check free times and book the 72 hour cabin package!

Check free times and book any number of nights in the glass house!

72 Hours Cabin

Accommodation in Glashus

A different, relaxing and wonderful accommodation. Stay on your own promontory a bit above the lake away and spend the days hiking in the woods, kayaking and watch on the moose. Here you will find our 4 glass houses, all located close to the water with their own sun deck.

When you arrive at us, you will be welcomed by a guide. Over a cup of coffee with a snack, you will receive information about what to expect in the next few days. Then you take to Glass House (located 800 meters from the reception). Once in place you go through how everything works, with outhouse, fire place, rowing boat, bathing place and more.

The basic package (72 hours) costs 8695 SEK / person for single booking and 5595 SEK / person for two people.
The price is including all the food mentioned in the program.

Ps. It is also possible to book accommodation for 1 night for 3200 SEK / glass house (this includes accommodation and breakfast).

The following meals are included in the 72h cabin layout:

  • Welcome Coffee
  • Three breakfast kits delivered to Glass House
  • Two lunches 
  • Three dinners 


Our 4 glass houses are located on a private headland by Lake Iväg, about 800 meters from the restaurant Stenebygrytan and the reception at Dalslands Activities. The glass houses are well separated from the outside world but still close to amenities. Why not start the day by taking the rowing boat out on a fishing trip in the light of dawn? Or end the day by renting a wood-fired sauna or hot tub right on the water’s edge?

In addition to enjoying the peaceful nature and spectacular views of both lake and forest, there is the possibility to book various activities. You can kayak, rent a SUP or try gold panning in the Steneby River, take a ride on horseback or pay a visit to the elk park and visit the king of the forest. You can also get a guided forest tour and learn to follow the animals ‘ trails and make fire without matches, as well as test on the venerable branch of archery.

The basic package includes:

  • 72 hours stay (i.e. three days) in the unique Glass house
  • 160 cm wide bed made up with eco-labeled bed linen.
  • Basket with seat pad, water bottle, trangia kitchen, first aid kit, and a brochure about Dalsland Activities
  • Basket with extra blanket, flashlight, water, map and tourist brochure about Dalsland
  • Access to rowing boat/canoe/SUP and two fishing rods
  • Bathing Place near Glass House
  • Barbecue for cozy barbecue evenings
  • Outhouse near the Glass house
  • Access to toilet and shower at the experience center (800 meters away)
Check-in from 15:00.
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